If you are in the healthcare services, you’ve probably heard of medical credentialing, but may not know exactly what it is, or why it’s needed. In this blog post, we’ll explain medical credentialing services. Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting is a medical billing company that helps those in the healthcare services with medical billing and coding. We specialize in helping those who need medical wigs get their medical wigs covered by insurance, as well as working with hair stylists who can help. Contact us today to learn more!


Credentialing is the process of determining if a healthcare professional’s resume is legitimate or not. It can also involve an extensive background check of the healthcare provider. Many healthcare companies looking to hire physicians, nurses, and the like use their own credentialing specialists, such as what Revivify Revenue Cycle offers, in order to verify backgrounds. Training, education, work history, licensure, regulatory compliance, and malpractice history are just some of the areas that may be verified by a medical credentialist before being employed.


Credentialing has been around for centuries. In fact, the first record of medical credentialing dates back to Persia where we have a written record of a process of licensure for physicians. In the beginning, credentialing was little more than a formality and all the patients had to do was not die in order for a physician to be employed. However, by the Middle Ages, medical credentialing became a bit more involved and formalized.

In Sicily, you had to pass an exam and meet minimum guidelines. Medical credentialing resembled much the process of becoming a doctor today, from being required to study for years and working under an experienced physician for one year. Many people have the mistaken notion that the Middle Ages was backwards when it came to medicine. In fact, people took medicine very seriously; it was only the technology that was missing.


The internet has made medical credentialing easier in some ways, but more complicated in others. Now there is a ton of information available on the person and all aspects are now investigated, including social media. Medical misconduct is now tracked in all 50 states, yet we still often hear about those who slip through the cracks and practice medicine when they should not be doing so.


Revivify Revenue Cycle offers credentialing services. Most insurance companies require proof of physicians’ credentialing before they will pay any claims under that doctor. With so much at stake (life or death), it’s vital that the public is protected from impersonators who will do anything to the detriment of others.

Besides medical credentialing service, Revivify offers traditional medical billing services. We take the billing and coding off your hands so you can stay hands-on in your medical practice. We provide monthly revenue cycle analytics so you can evaluate the fiscal health of your practice. From DME medical billing to helping with medical wigs, we can help. Contact us today to get started!