In our last blog post, we had time to only cover two of our very important services we offer clients: medical billing services and medical wig services. Revivify Revenue Cycle specializes in helping medical practitioners by offering a wide variety of services. In addition to medical billing services and medical wig insurance billing, we also offer revenue cycle analytics. Contact us today to get started on all of our services!

Revenue Cycle Analytics

We admit it — we can nerd out on numbers. Revivify Revenue Cycle offers revenue cycle analytics to medical practices and stand-alone doctors who aren’t affiliated with our medical billing services (where this process is free for them). It’s very important to take a hard look at your medical practice’s numbers (preferably monthly), so you can begin to understand where you can make improvements in your practice. For instance, revenue cycle analytics can show you which medical service is the most profitable, which medical service you offer has the most rejections and/or denials, and which vendors and/or suppliers are charging you the most. Revivify Revenue Cycle understands that you didn’t enter the medical field to crunch numbers; you entered the medical field to heal. However, you have a family as well to care for, and it’s super important to have a grasp on where your money is going so you can maximize your profits and provide for your family. When you partner with Revivify Revenue Cycle for revenue cycle analytics, we promise you’ll be in a strong position to make major strides in efficiencies.

In-House Medical Revenue Cycle Training

As a small business ourselves, Revivify Revenue Cycle understands how hard it is to trust others with your finances. Or, perhaps you are a very small practice and want to keep everything local. We offer in-house medical revenue cycle training for those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in order to help you do your own medical billing and maximize your medical revenue cycle. From training you on your chosen medical billing software to reviewing the medical coding system with your staff, Revivify Revenue Cycle is available when you need us. We’ll travel to your practice and answer any and all questions you have on your medical billing system. We can help you get set up for electronic medical billing if you haven’t done so anywhere. We can help you troubleshoot rejections and denials and how best to deal with them. When you partner with us for in-house medical revenue cycle training, you’ll increase your processing time on your medical bills, saving your staff time, and ultimately, saving your practice and your patients money. Your staff will be able to focus more time and energy on what matters most — patient care.

Revivify Revenue Cycle believes in helping your medical practice succeed and prosper. We do this through analyzing your analytics for you and offering advice, as well as offering in-house training for when you need it the most. For all of your medical billing services needs, we can help. Contact us today to get started!