The main reason kids don’t like math class is it’s boring. Why is it boring? Numbers. Pages and pages of numbers, and as you advance in mathematical levels, it becomes numbers and formulas — even more boring.

As a medical professional, you probably didn’t enter the medical field to crunch numbers. You entered the medical field to improve the lives of others physically. Yet, if you own your own medical practice, numbers are essential to profitability. You have to know your expenses, your income, your assets, and your liabilities if you are to make a profit and stay in business.

Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting is a medical billing and coding company that loves numbers. However, we love numbers more if they match up, but if they don’t, we love the challenge of making them do so.

If you’re a medical practitioner who doesn’t like numbers, then outsourcing medical billing with a company like Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting is for you. Below are the top three reasons why you should outsource medical billing if you don’t like numbers.

  1. Revenue cycle analytics tracks denials and rejections, as well as which insurance companies deny the claims and which type of claims generate the most denials and rejections. With this information, you can improve the health of your revenue cycle and reduce these denials. You can also improve days in accounts receivable, which adds to your overall profit level.
  2. Revenue cycle analytics allows you to benchmark your data, meaning you’ll have something to compare it to. You can then start to notice trends that tend to reduce profits and drill down to the root cause of problems. Then you can implement solutions, improving your revenue cycle.
  3. Revenue cycle analytics allows you to track contracts with vendors and suppliers, something that would take forever otherwise. You could find that you’re paying contractors who aren’t even servicing your practice, which adds up over time. This data can also allow you to have data to renegotiate contracts, say if a vendor is delivering too many supplies.

Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting offers revenue cycle analytics, so you can take care of your patients while we handle the numbers. Contact us today!

In a perfect world, you could bill insurance companies, collect payment from patients, and the numbers would add up correctly every time. However, there are always discrepancies, and you don’t have the time to hunt them all down. The good news is, solving discrepancies is a major part of our job description, and we’re good at what we do. We prevent discrepancies by consulting with you about best practices, and when discrepancies do show up, we track them down and resolve them.

Fine-Tune Your Reimbursement System

Billing discrepancies show up in several financial metrics, including accounts receivable days, collection rates, payments, and charges. You need to focus on improving the lives of your patients, not chasing down numbers and making phone calls. Let RRCC do that for you. Founded by Patsy Gallian, with a passion for easing the complexity of insurance, RRCC is an elite team of insurance experts who get results. We not only improve your billing system, we keep it rolling.

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