Hair loss can be an embarrassing condition for many because society puts so much emphasis on how we look. And if your hair loss is from a medical condition, every time you look in the mirror can be a painful reminder of the struggles you are going through. Revivify Revenue Cycle is passionate about helping those with hair loss from a medical condition receive a medical wig covered by insurance. Below, we’ll look at the steps needed to get your medical wig covered or reimbursed by insurance. Contact us today for all your durable medical equipment (DME) billing needs!


  • Get pre-approval for your medical wig. Coverage will vary by health insurance companies and your specific conditions of your insurance. Call your insurance company and find out if you qualify. Be sure to use the words “medical cranial prosthetic hair wig,” which is the correct terminology for your medical wig so there is no confusion on your insurance provider’s part.
  • You’ll need a prescription from your doctor. Here, make sure you ask your insurance company representative exactly what your doctor needs to write on the prescription so there is no gray area for rejection of the medical claim.
  • Purchase your medical wig. You should be able to purchase a medical wig from any provider (there are a plethora online), but be sure to save the sales receipt to submit to insurance.
  • Submit your claim. This process usually involves submitting both the prescription and the receipt.

Revivify Revenue Cycle is proud to help those suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition receive wigs to improve not only their self-image but to help alleviate the sometimes-unwanted stares and questions from strangers. Hair stylists help style wigs (and some provide wigs) to suit your facial structure and compliment your features. Revivify also handles DME medical billing for health care professionals. Contact us today!

RRCC proudly partners with hair stylists to help patients access medical wigs, eyebrow extensions, and more. Because medical wigs fall under the durable medical equipment (DME) guidelines of many health plans, it’s possible for people suffering hair loss to get wigs without paying full price. However, the DME section of any health plan can be complex and confusing for patients and care providers alike. Our medical billing experts decode DME guidelines, connecting hair stylists with care providers and patients.

Open the Door to Medical Wigs and More

Medical wigs are specifically designed for people suffering drastic hair loss due to medical conditions. RRCC is excited to partner with hair stylists trained to craft beautiful wigs, eyebrows, and more for patients who need them. If you’re a health provider, don’t pour precious time and money into DME billing yourself; let us handle it quickly and with excellence. We not only hold ourselves to a high ethical level; we also have decades of experience and a well-earned Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) membership.

Why You Should Choose RRCC

Do you have hours to spend decoding DME billing processes for every patient? No. However, we do! Making insurance do its job for your patients is our job. Whether you’re a hair stylist or a care provider, schedule a free consultation with us today!