Hair loss can be a very emotional subject, especially for women. As much as society propounds that all that matters is who you are on the outside, human nature has us judging others by the outside. Women especially take pride in their hair. If for medical reasons you begin to lose your hair, it can affect your self-esteem and your life.

Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting specializes in helping women who are suffering from hair loss get their medical wig (formerly known as durable medical equipment) covered by insurance. We are a medical billing company that works with hairstylists to help you get the wig you need so you can feel better about yourself when you are out and about in public. In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips for you to help someone you know deal with hair loss. Contact us today for more information!


  • Listen. All too often in today’s society, our attention is occupied by images, be it images from social media, such as Instagram or Facebook, images on the TV, images on our phones, and content on the Internet. It can be hard to really listen to people when they are crying out for help, as often people don’t like to admit that they are struggling. You can help your loved one by taking the time to sit down with no distractions around and just let them pour out their hearts. Just allowing them that time to dive in and feel their feelings can be a huge burden lifted off their shoulders.
  • Watch your words carefully. We live in a society where kidding is fun and can be bonding. However, when someone is struggling with body image as it relates to losing hair, even a joking comment about hair loss can be hurtful. It’s important to be well aware of your words when around your loved one who is suffering from hair loss.
  • Offer help. Most Americans fancy themselves independent. In reality, we all need each other in order to survive. When a loved one is dealing with hair loss, especially if it’s related to cancer, or another medical condition or drug, it’s important to offer help. This can run the gamut from offering to help them clean their house or cook dinner after a treatment to offering to help them find a medical wig company online or a hairstylist who can offer support. The important this is you offer — and you offer repeatedly. This is a great way to show you care.


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Revivify Revenue Cycle understands the hardships cancer, alopecia, thyroid disease, stress, or other medical conditions that lead to hair loss can cause. We are the medical billing specialists that can get you a medical wig through insurance. Contact us today!