1. What to Look for in a Wig

    Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting is a medical billing company that is passionate about helping those who suffer from hair loss get their medical wigs covered by insurance. We do this by partnering with hair stylists who can help you get the wig you want. In this blog post, we’ll review what to lo…Read More

  2. What is Credentialing?

    If you are in the healthcare services, you’ve probably heard of medical credentialing, but may not know exactly what it is, or why it’s needed. In this blog post, we’ll explain medical credentialing services. Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting is a medical billing company that helps those in th…Read More

  3. What to Look For in a Medical Billing Company

    Outsourcing medical billing can be a lifesaver for many physicians, practices, hospitals, specialists, and free standing emergency centers. After all, medical billing can be quite complicated. There are hundreds of medical codes that must be used in order for the insurance companies to understand wh…Read More

  4. How to Help Your Loved One Deal with Hair Loss

    Hair loss can be a very emotional subject, especially for women. As much as society propounds that all that matters is who you are on the outside, human nature has us judging others by the outside. Women especially take pride in their hair. If for medical reasons you begin to lose your hair, it can …Read More

  5. Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting’s Services

    In our last blog post, we had time to only cover two of our very important services we offer clients: medical billing services and medical wig services. Revivify Revenue Cycle specializes in helping medical practitioners by offering a wide variety of services. In addition to medical billing services…Read More

  6. Welcome to Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting!

    Medical billing is a complicated animal, to say the least. Between various state and federal laws, an almost yearly update in medical billing codes, and so many steps in the medical billing process, it can be challenging for healthcare facilities, private practices, and clinics to manage. When you o…Read More